NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, October 2005
Servant Salamander -
w/applications to digital pictures.

by John R. Clark, Webmaster, NWA-PCUG -
September 2005 meeting Presentation
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Servant Salamander which can be downloaded from http://www.altap.cz was demonstrated using some of the simpler functions, as follows:

1) How to locate a given directory/folder on a given disk drive.

2) Changing the display using the sort tabs of name, ext, size, date, time, and attribute.

3) The simple `left finger' drag and copy

4) The simple `right finger' drag and move.

5) Multiple file copy or moves.

6) Deletion of files - deletes does not place files in the trashcan.

7) Moving files within the same disk using separate directories.

8) Changing the attributes of a file and renaming a file.

The second portion of the presentation delt with using the "Alternate View" feature of Salamander, looking at the header of various digital photograph types. This demonstrated that not all .JGP files are the same. A HEX listing of a file was shown, but not really investigated.

An extension of the July presentation by Joe Schork was given showing how a 3-tuple could be used to generate a color on a display. Since there are over 16 million colors that can be generated it is possible to encode a message in a picture, virtually without being noticed, by playing with the color values.

The session ended by loading Servant Salamander as an adjunct to a BartPE retrival system.

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