NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Back To School!
by Bill Shook, Editor, April 2000
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Remember Show and Tell when you were a kid? Well, the Show and Tell (S&T) we're going to talk about isn't the same. What we're going to talk about is PC S&T. You'll find it at http://www.PCShowandTell.com and everyone that hasn't been there before must promise me you'll look at it (assuming you're reading this in the first place). "PC S&T is a FREE online library of audio and video software help tutorials that Show and Tell you how to solve frustrating software problems. Each tutorial guides you through the answer, step-by-step, and in less than one minute." Believe it! It's great! There are tutorials, called Shows, on most everything imaginable from Internet Explorer, Netscape, Windows 95/98/NT, Works, Word (both 97 & 2000), Outlook, AOL, Eudora, Quicken, Excel, PowerPoint, ICQ, Paint Shop Pro (both 5 & 6), etc. You name it, they've got it or are planning to have it, like PhotoShop 5.5 and Linux. Shows can be run online or downloaded and run later at your leisure. When first signing on, you'll download the FREE player. If the show goes too fast for you, or you missed a point, the player allows for rewinding, fast forward, stopping, or whatever.

I want to thank the Computer Club, Inc. of Sun City Center, FL for calling this to my attention in their April 2000 PC Communicator. When I saw it, I thought of Dale's software survey at our last meeting and that this could provide, or at least supplement, the help requested on many software programs. Give it a try. It looks great and it's FREE.

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