NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, March 2006


System Information For Windows
Thanks to John Clark for submitting this to us.

SIW, or System Information For Windows, belongs in everybody's toolkit. Have you ever needed to reload Windows and couldn't find your Product Key (5 groups of 5 characters separated with hyphens)? You can't install without it. If it happens again, pull out your backup copy of SIW (you DO have a backup copy, don't you?) and you're up and running. How about wanting to increase your memory and needed to know the number of chips and size and the number of memory slots and the maximum amount that can be installed? Or wanted to upgrade your hard drive(s) and wanted to know how many were installed, the make and sizes? Ever need to find out the launching file(s) on any of your applications? SIW has answers for all of these and more. There are 24 categories of your software, 13 categories of your hardware, and 8 categories of networking. Practically all categories have sub-categories. We're talking LOTS of information about your PC. And it doesn't need to be run from the hard disk. It'll run from a floppy or Jump (or Flash) USB drive. You can find it at: Try it, you'll like http://www3.sympatico.ca/gtopala/about_siw.html it.

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