NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, July 2006


Be There!

Where? NWA-PCUG meeting!

When? Saturday, July 15th 1:00 pm

Why? To take part in the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows discussion and learn how to create and restore hard disk backup images with Acronis True Image 8 or 9!

The Ultimate Boot disc (UBCD) is now out with a new version, 3.0, within the last month. It promises to be much advanced over the 2.6 version. The UBCD replaces the normal emergency floppy that is a must when (not if, but when) your Windows XP plays dead when trying to boot. Common scenarios and fixes, with and without the UBCD will be discussed and demonstrated as well as the creating and restoring of backup images generally required to get up and running again.

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