NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2003

Change Case (of filenames)

I was recently faced with needing to change case on many filenames after transferring my newsletter article files to my new computer. DOS very politely transferred them ALL IN UPPER CASE! 761 of them, plus an equal amount in two backup directories. Well, the index link that holds all of them on the web is in lower case and Unix (used on the Internet) is case sensitive. It can't find a file if the case of any part of the filename is different than the case in the index file.

So, faced with changing filenames on 2000+ files, I had to find something more automatic than typing them individually. As usual, Google came through again and found Change Case. You can too, just go to: http://www.zealsoftstudio.com/changecase

Change Case is a utility used to change filename case, directory name case and timestamp automatically. It is especially suited to transferring files between OSes, downloading from the Internet and upgrading to Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 (and now XP also) from MS-DOS. It provides four choices: upper case, lower case, capital case and word capital case. It can search & rename files in subfolders, and supports Explorer drag & drop, command line and Windows Explorer context menu. Try it. If you have the need, you'll really be glad you did.

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