NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2006


System Restore

At the last meeting I've had two people, plus one other since, mention problems restoring system points with Windows XP. After searching Microsoft for a solution and receiving what seemed like hundreds of possible fixes that didn't match my query (http://support.microsoft.com/search/) I searched Google and found (http://bertk.mvps.org/html/srfail.html) which seems quite comprehensive, covering:

  • If Real Player is installed, update to the latest version,
  • Symantec Resource Protection feature of Norton 2006 must be disabled,
  • Disable monitored Recovery Partition drives (HP, Compaq, Dell, & others),
  • Scan for virus & spyware infection,
  • Insure SP2 is installed & updated,
  • Insure Task Scheduler and System Restore Service are running,
  • Adjust disk space used,
  • Test System Restore is functioning correctly, etc.
All have explicit how-to instructions. If you're having System Restore problems, give it a try.

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