NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Sidebar - October 2001
by Bill Shook, Editor, October 2001
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More and more problems have been fixed recently by eliminating conflicts in the StartUp programs, which usually appear after an installation or upgrade, and can cause all kinds of problems that are difficult to analyze; such as, display freezing, rebooting, stuttering mouse (the most aggravating thing in the world), no sound, garbled sound, shutdown problems, etc. Get to the StartUp programs by left clicking on Start, then Run, then type in MSCONFIG.EXE, click OK, then click on StartUp tab. Uncheck all blocks except System Tray, click on Apply (lower right corner) then OK and say yes to reboot. If your problem is gone, you can either leave it like it is, go back and check a few at a time to isolate which ones caused the conflict, or go back and check those that you must have, such as virus protect.

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