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Side Bar November 2001
Add NotePad to SendTo Options
by Bill Shook, Editor, November 2001
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Once Notepad is added to SendTo options, it's easy to look at the contents of a filetype you're not familiar with. Just right click on the file, select SendTo, then Notepad and the file will be opened.

There are several ways to add an item to the SendTo options. Probably the easiest way is to go to the \Windows\SendTo folder by using Windows Explorer. With SendTo folder open (selected-highlighted) its contents will appear in the right hand pane. Right click on a blank space below the contents and select New, then Shortcut and in the command line provided, type in c:\windows\notepad.exe and click Next. Accept the name of Notepad.exe or shorten it to Notepad, if you wish. Then click Finish and you're done. Test it by right clicking on a file, clicking on SendTo, then Notepad.

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