NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, February 2006
Informative Tech News
by Bob Elgines; CRCC Editor
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More Free Spyware - There is another one out there like Spybot called SpyBlaster which can be downloaded at : http://F.javacoolsoftware.com . There is a slight catch, you will need to manually update, unless you pay $10 for an automatically update subscription. This unlike Spybot will prevent installation of spyware.

PCI Express vs AGP-8X Graphic Cards - Are they here to stay? The PCI-Express cards are about the same speed and higher in price. So don’t run out and change your Mother Board to accommodate the PCI-Express. The only difference right now is the Bandwidth, but there are not programs out there to use this advantage. It’s main use would be used in Gaming.

Windows 2000 Info! - Microsoft released an update containing a collection of previous patches. The final service pack for Windows 2000 is SP4, which was released in March, 2003. Support for Windows 2000 will end in 2010.

What is “Windows XP N”? - Windows XP N is a version without the MS Media Player. Windows XP Home (the standard version) sells for the same price.

What is “Windows XP Media”? - Basically the standard home version with all of the latest photo, music,, and movie enhancement pack. This includes such things as Plus!Photo Story, Media player, Movie Maker, etc. These items can be download from Microsoft for free in most cases.

New Microsoft Windows Software - Microsoft’s new operating system called “Longhorn” has been officially named “Windows Vista”, and is set to be released to the public in 2006. The three new goals are summarized as Clear (new methods), Confident (better security) and Connected (seamless) by Microsoft developers.

New WD Hard Drive - Western Digital released a new high-class series of Caviar drives and announced a new high capacity drive of 400 GB SATA (Serial). This drive has a speed of 7200 rpm, 16 MB of cache, and a transfer rate of 150 MBps. The WD Caviar SE16 400 GB is priced at approximately $280 with a three year warranty.

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