NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, April 2011
This and That or Things that May Interest You
By Lynn Page, Editor,
Crystal River Users Group, Florida November 2010 issue, CRUG newsletter
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To have Outlook leave or delete messages on the server in the Tools drop down menu, choose E-mail Accounts in Outlook 2003 or Account Settings in Outlook 2007. Select View or Change existing e-mail accounts and choose on the email account to change. Click the Change button or Change icon. In Outlook 2003 select the Advanced tab or in Outlook 2007 click the More Settings button. Uncheck or check the Leave a copy of messages on serer box. Finish by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Minimize the Ribbon
To have more room to work on-screen minimize the Ribbon when you donít need it. Right-click any Ribbon tab and choose Minimize The Ribbon in the menu then again right-click any Ribbon tab and deselect Minimize The Ribbon to restore it.

Clear Formatting
Clear Formatting removes all the formatting you have applied to your text, and sets it back to the default paragraph style. This is a quick way to recover for overly aggressive formatting. Select the text to clear up and button on the Home tab in the Font group click the Clear Formatting button.

Windows 7

Windows Explorer includes default locations in the Favorites list. To remove unwanted locations from Favorites, right-click the unwanted location and click Remove in the menu. To Add Favorites open the folder to add to Favorites, right-click on Favorites and click Add current location to Favorites in the menu. To restore the Favorites list to the previous state, right-click on Favorites and click Restore favorite links in the menu.

Windows 7 has themes to customize the feel and look of the computer. The themes are based on the location and the language selected when Windows was installed. Select a location-specific theme in the Personalize menu. To see themes for other locations enter C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box of the Start menu. Windows Explorer opens showing additional themes. Select the wallpaper only or install the whole theme. An added theme will show in My Themes in the Personalization pane. Microsoft has other themes available for download on their web site.

Add Tags to or Rate Pictures
In the Pictures library select the picture or pictures to tag. In the details pane at the bottom of the window click Add a Tag, type in a tag and click the Save button. Ratings can also be added to photos in the details pane. Click the star rating to add it to the photo.

Word 2007
Skip A Bullet or Number in a List

To add a new line to a numbered or bulleted item in a list use hold down SHIFT while pressing ENTER. This adds a new line with no additional line spacing, number or bullet and keeps the indention of the list. Pressing ENTER again without SHIFT continues with the bulleted or numbered list.

Quickly Move Paragraphs
Select a paragraph then hold the ALT and SHIFT keys while pressing the Up or Down arrow keys to move the paragraph up or down the page. To select a paragraph without dragging the mouse over it to select triple click in the paragraph or double click in the gutter beside the paragraph.

Email a Document
Attach a Word document to an email in Outlook from within Word by clicking the Office button and selecting Mail from the Send drop down menu. Other options on the Send menu allow for sending the document as a PDF or XPS attachment.

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