NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
User Groups Defined
by Dick Bromley, Chrystal River User Group, February 2001
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My unknowing computer-less cousin gave me the "Oh!.. really?" response when I uttered the name of our computer club to him recently. The second word in that title seems to present an all-together different meaning to some of our more worldly citizens.

Herewith is my offering to clear up any misunderstanding(s) as to the purpose and choice of the name of our organization, as well as others of similar bent.

A user group is a community of computer enthusiasts who band together to learn, to share experiences, and to serve their community. This pretty much reflects the club's statement of purpose within its by-laws. The use of the descriptive word "user's" is more or less traditional when it is found in the name of many cyber-clubs. So it was incorporated in ours...its connotation was not in question when the club was born.

Our main thrust is, and has always been, to provide computer and software education. That means the instruction in using your computer more effectively. To achieve this goal we try to keep pace with the industry trends, get updates on new hardware and software, then bring this information to the classes we hold for our members and the community.

We make it a policy to share social activities with fellow computer enthusiasts at our general meetings held monthly in the local recreation center. We offer a social hour prior to the gavel rapping so that general mingling can ensue. This period usually includes the opportunity to present certain troublesome technical queries to selected "gurus" in attendance.

Our community activities include support to local schools and charities. The recycling of used computer equipment and working with senior centers.

The bottom line?
Learning from each other's experiences and sharing ours through meetings, instruction, newsletters, and our Web page. (http://www.crug.com)

There is no restriction against anyone using the article as long as it is kept in context, with proper credit given to the author. This article is brought to you by the Editorial Committee of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG), an International organization.

Dick is a past-president of the Crystal River User's Group (Florida's west coast) and currently acts as the club's publicity person. He also does some instructing in such subjects as Internet, Print programs (i.e. Shop and Master) and Quicken. If you use his article he asks that you send him a copy. E-mail address on byline, or snail mail : Dick Bromley 401 N. Turkey Pine Loop Lecanto, FL 34461

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