NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, Seprember 2007
YouTube Revolutionizes the Internet!
By Linda Gonse,
Editor & Webmaster, Orange Country IBM PC Users’ Group, California

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Just when I thought creative ideas were running out for ways to use the Internet, along comes YouTube, http://www.youtube.com. Its content includes movie and TV clips, music videos, and amateur works — such as video-blogging. The innovative site’s popularity is staggering. Almost 20 million visitors browse YouTube each month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. And, in confirmation of YouTube’s originality, Time magazine named it the “Invention of the Year” in 2006.

Although I only discovered YouTube in December 2006, it was founded in February 2005. In about a year and a half, YouTube has been so successful Google sealed the deal to buy it in November 2006 for $1.65-billion! Not bad for a site that was launched with a video of a co-founder’s cat playing with a dangling string!

Now, “Users upload 6500 new videos to the site every day,” according to a January 2007 Time magazine article. Many of the videos are taken with home camcorders and cell phones. In fact, videos that showed L.A. police repeatedly punching a suspect on the ground, a college student being tasered, and an outraged comedian yelling disparaging ethnic descriptions, were shown on television news after first being uploaded to YouTube. These homemade videos, which were a sensation on the news, initially prompted me to check out the site.

Incredibly, YouTube viewers watch 100 million videos each day — up from 10 million last year. The most-watched clip, with over 36+ million views is a compilation of head-butt animations inspired by the one Zinedine Zidane administered in the 2006 World Cup soccer game.

YouTube is free. You only need to sign up if you want to leave comments about the videos, rate them, or upload your own.

Choose videos from categories like Recent Videos below, which include viewer ratings, video length, and description

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