NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Vice President's Report
by David Hinds, Vice President, May 2002
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Thanks to Joe Schork and Ed Maxey for the presentation of Windows XP home edition. I've been debating whether to get it on the next box I buy or stay with ME. Joe has about convinced me to make the plunge. I am struggling to learn a little about XP Professional edition at work and am finding it very frustrating at times in transitioning from NT 4.0. It's not as easy for me to find and make changes on shared drives on a network and I haven't been able to find a driver that will work with XP, OmniPage Pro version 7 and a Fujitsu 600sc scanner. I sure miss my GURU since he retired.

Don Boudeman's upcoming presentation on troubleshooting at our next meeting should be interesting. It's always helpful to hear how someone else has solved a particular Windows problem because you never know when you will encounter the same situation or one very similar.

The June meeting is a general question and answer session so start jotting down your questions and hopefully we can find someone with an answer.

Remember: Microsoft doesn't issue recalls, they just expect everyone to upgrade to the new version with the bugs rearranged!!!

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