NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Woody's Windows Watch
by Thornton Jacobs, December 2001
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Some of you may already subscribe to this ezine. It is published periodically in Australia by a fellow whose first name is Woody and whose last name I cannot remember. It is primarily concerned with Microsoft Windows and is free. I have been receiving it for a couple of years and have found it to be very informative. It has reviews and tips on using Windows and also publicizes problems that have been found and reports on progress that Microsoft has made in fixing them. There is a sister publication called "Woody's Office Watch" that covers Microsoft Office. In addition there is a new ezine that covers Microsoft XP.

The current issue of Window's Watch has an article on the problems one person faced when upgrading to Windows XP. Also, among others, is an article on a security flaw in Internet Explorer that can expose your cookies to a web site or e-mail and allow them to be manipulated.

To subscribe you can send an e-mail to www@woodyswatch.com or go to their web site at http://mcc.com.au and click on the Woody's Window Watch link, or http://mcc.com.au/www/ will take you directly.

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