NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, March 2010
ZoonText Express by Ai Squared
Presented by Barbara Elliott, member NWA-PCUG
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Zoomtext Express by Ai Squared (a worldwide leader in computer access solutions) will be presented to NWA-PCUG Members at our March 20, 2010 meeting by member Barbara Elliott.

ZoomText Express is a program that makes everything on your computer screen easier to see and read. If you squint at your computer screen, lean forward to read or suffer from eye strain & fatigue, ZoomText Express allows you to use your computer more comfortably. It is an easy program to install and very easy to program to learn.

Features of ZoomText Express are:

Magnification: Up to 2 times magnification –making everything on your computer screen a little larger and much easier to see.

Three Magnified Views: Full View, Large Lens and Small Lens

Full View magnifies the entire screen.
Large/Small Lens act like a magnifying glass you move around the screen.

Color Enhancements: You can apply a soft tint to the white areas of the screen by choosing from a wide range of tinting colors or reverse all colors (Reverse Video) to eliminate that familiar screen glare.

Pointer Enhancements: You can choose between small and large pointer sizes in a variety of high contrast colors making it easier to see and follow your mouse pointer.

Cursor Enhancements: Allows the position of the cursor more visible. Colored triangles are displayed above and below the blinking cursor making it easier to find and follow. Choose from a variety of high-contrast colors-selecting one that works for you.

**As a registered user of ZoomText Express, you have Auto Updating, Free Technical Support and On-Line Help.

Note: Registered users of ZoomWare are offered a free upgrade to ZoomText Express

Website: http://www.ZoomTextExpress.com

Price: Download Only - $49.99
Download+Shipment - $59.99

$10 Discount Coupon available to members attending our NWA-PCUG March 20, 2010 meeting!

Operating System: Windows Vista and Windows XP (32 bit only) with Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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