NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, November 2012
President's Corner
by Wes Eckles, President
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iPad 2 Topic for November 17th Meeting
Member Fred Robinson will demonstrate basic applications that include photography, email, news, ebooks, alarm clock, and uploads of Youtube.

Firefox 17 Protects Your Privacy
Firefox 17 protects your privacy while enhancing the Facebook experience The latest beta release of Mozilla's popular Firefox browser has introduced a new social media API. Can a web browser make it easier to use social media while protecting your privacy? Mozilla hopes so.

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Offensive Facebook Email Leads to Blackhole Malware attack
Facebook users are warned to be on their guard against unsolicited emails they might receive. This suggest that someone has left an offensive comment about them on their wall.

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NWA PC-USER GROUP meetings are held at the NW Technical Institute on State Hwy 265 in Springdale. We have use of a room 119 located in the main building for the rest of 2012. Go to the back of the main building on the NE corner. Enter the NE door and go to the end of the hallway to reach room 119.

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