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Oct thru Dec - 1998

December - 1998
  • Finding a Modem Initialization String - by Ed Maxey - December 98
  • JUNO was being installed on a new computer and reported that it could not find an initialization string it could use to connect the modem...

  • Daysease Calendar - by Bill Shook - December 98
  • How about custom calendars FREE? Well, not quite free. You have to supply the labor, which isn't much...

    November - 1998
  • PartitionMagic 4.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by Ed Maxey - November 98
  • PowerQuest's PartitionMagic 4.0 and BootMagic are powerful tools which permit one to create multiple partitions on hard drives and selectively boot from any of a number of operating systems (OSs). When installed, BootMagic permits one to choose between such OSs as Windows311, Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT and Linux...

    October - 1998
  • Programs, Programs, Programs... - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - October 98
  • Programs, Programs, Programs . . . every club always needs programs, and the NWA-PCUG is no exception. Many folks sit back and think, "Gee, I really don't know enough about computers to give a program." Well, that's probably not true...

  • Photo Recall Deluxe 2.0 from G&A Imaging - A Review by Doug MacDonald, co-President - October 98
  • Photo Recall Deluxe Version 2.0 is an image management system that allows the user to categorize, store, manipulate, and present graphics files in a variety of ways. It is, in essence, a database management system with some useful utilities...

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    Jul thru Sep - 1998

    September - 1998
  • Corneille au Gratin - by Betty Davis, co-President - September 98
  • That's a fancy way of saying baked crow. I've been eating a lot of that lately. If anyone reads the newsletter (do I sound like Bill Shook?) perhaps you'll remember my last column wherein I sounded rather negative about needing a scanner and color printer. ...

  • DriveCopy 2.0 by PowerQuest - A Review by John Hunt - September 98
  • DriveCopy, like its competitor DiskClone reviewed earlier this year, is a simple and inexpensive program designed to provide a major simplification and automation of the task of moving the installed software base from an existing hard drive to a newly purchased and presumably larger hard drive...

  • A Message from Don Two - September 98
  • I want to share with you, and enlist your aid in, my newest project. Over the past six months, I have started a Computer History Museum. I now have about 40 computers, manufactured between 1975 and 1986. They are all landmark items - demonstrating advances over that timeframe in Technology, Architecture, and Marketing. ...

    August - 1998
  • Needs and Wants, Again!! - by Betty Davis, Co-President - August 98
  • Yes, I'm back on this kick, so bear with me. The subject of scanners came up recently and I made a statement: It would be nice to have a scanner. Do I want it? Maybe. Do I need it? No...

  • QuarterDeck's DiskClone - A Review by John M. Hunt - August 98
  • In recent years we have seen an almost unbelievable increase in the size and speed of hard drives, accompanied by equally unbelievable reduction in cost. As a result, computer systems often offer hard drives as large as 9 gigabytes ...

  • Driver Ed - by Thornton Jacobs - August 98
  • For most of us the time arrives when that huge hard drive, which we thought would never fill, is bulging and we start looking for a larger one. However, my backup tape drive was too small and too slow...

  • Goldmine 4.0 - A Review by Betty Davis, co-President - August 98
  • This is a contact manager program that covers just about every facet of maintaining a customer contact database. I think that's where the name comes from...a Goldmine of information......

  • Home Essentials 97 - A Review by Charles Blanchard - August 98
  • This software is by Microsoft and is compatible with most if not all Microsoft software products. The slogan after the title is "Get the most out of your home PC". What you receive is a lot for your money. There are 3 CD-ROM's...

    July - 1998
  • Vacations - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - July 98
  • 'Tis summer, and most folk's thoughts turn to vacations . . . and speaking of vacations, the Internet is an outstanding place to get a lot of information about interesting places to go and things to do...

  • Quarterdeck's Zip-It 4.0 - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - July 98
  • Everyone uses "zip" files. The "zip" compression algorithm is the standard for DOS and Windows-based PCs, just as "TAR" files are the "standard" compression mechanism for Unix (and Linux) operating systems. Quarterdeck's "Zip-It 4.0" is an excellent utility...

  • Stock Ranking by PC - by Bob Frye - July 98
  • With the strong stock market of the last several years, more and more individuals are interested in how they can share in the economic benefits that other investors have enjoyed...

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    Apr thru Jun - 1998

    June - 1998
  • Investment Group Minutes - by Dale Oliver - June 98
  • Witness a good exchange of investment ideas and Internet investment locations, if you're in to that sort of thing.

  • Create A Shopping List - by Bob Frye - June 98
  • Shopping for groceries? This makes it easy (but you still have to pay for them)

  • CleanSweep 4.0 From Quarterdeck - A Review by Doug MacDonald, co-President - June 98
  • CleanSweep 4.0 brings significant improvements to an already excellent product. CleanSweep monitors all program installations and activity and cleanly removes all unwanted programs.

  • Drive Image 2.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by John Hunt - June 98
  • Create a file which is a total replication of the contents of a single partition (Drive Letter), with the ability to handle long file names as well as folders having long names.

  • E-Mail Control & AOL - by Dale Oliver - June 98
  • AOL stems the rising tide of junk e-mails by constantly updating a list of e-mail addresses and hosts which it will automatically refuse e-mail from on behalf of its users. In addition, individual AOL users can add or delete entries from the list.

  • Change - by Betty Davis, co-President - June 98
  • Computer technology changes during the past 5 years are mind-boggling.

    May - 1998
  • The Jones Center for Families - by Doug MacDonald, Co-President - May 98
  • Beginning in May our regular monthly meetings will be held at the Jones Center for Families. Doug outlines some of the many features and provides directions for those not familiar.

  • MasterBooter V2.4 A Review - by Ed Maxey - May 98
  • Boot from one of six different operating systems with this highly touted shareware boot utility, but it is not for the timid.

  • Juno Tidbits - by Jerry McCollough - May 98
  • Have you ever wondered what the maximum size file is that you can send with Juno? or the maximum # of times you can connect per day? Jerry reveals these answers as well as many other "Juno tidbits".

    April - 1998
  • For New Users & New Members - by Betty Davis, Co- President - April 98
  • Everyone has to start somewhere. Your PC User Group is there to help. Call, ask questions, whatever...USE IT!

  • Juno Email Problem Solved! - by Don Stevens - April 98
  • Having trouble with Juno telephone numbers "holding"? and you must re-initialize them before EACH DIALUP? Here's the answer! Thanks, Don.

  • Working Addresses Found on the Big Wire - by John Clark, Web Master - April 98
  • Have you ever done a search on the Internet and found an address such as: http://www.foo.com/~henry/dog/cat/cow.htm and wondered what it all means? Take a look.

  • Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0 - A Review by Bob Frye, - April 98
  • Photo Deluxe is a powerful, but user friendly image-editing program. Besides image editing, it has templates for creating cards, certificates, gift tags, T-shirts, calendars, signs, and labels. Images can also be used for screen savers and wallpaper and easy access is provided to Adobe's Internet site for additional images, projects, and tips.

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    Jan thru Mar - 1998

    March - 1998
  • Second Copy 97.. A Useful Backup Utility - A Shareware Review by Doug MacDonald, Co-President - March 98
  • Uses 32 bit code, handles long filenames, and can be used with Zip or Jazz drives. And, individual backup "profiles" can be set to run at various intervals or at specific times during the day, or once every so many days. Try it and you'll like it.

  • Delorme Street Atlas USA, Versions 4.0 & 5.0 - Reviews by Charles Blanchard, V. Pres - March 98
  • Let Street Atlas plan your trips, with over 2 million points of interest, Global Positioning System (GPS) with voice navigation and Palm Pilot PDA support. Also prints your maps and makes your reservations.

  • WOW Deluxe Investor 5.0 - A Review by Bob Frye, - March 98
  • Deluxe Investor includes all of the features of Personal Investor (see November '97 review) plus more, making it a better buy than the cheaper Personal Investor.

    February - 1998
    (No articles for February)

    January - 1998
  • Windows 95/NT Crash Course - A Book Review by Carl Bethea - January 98
  • Published by Mike Murach & Associates, this little book has only 50 pages. It is intended as a quick start guide for people on the job, who do not have time for lengthy study guides or training classes. Toward this goal, the book is a complete success.

  • UMAX Astra 1200S Scanner - by Bob Frye - January 98
  • Scans legal size documents up to 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution in 30-bit color with a SCSI II interface. Includes the scanner, a SCSI card with five foot SCSI cable, a 12V DC power brick (for scanner power), and two CD-ROMs with online manuals and application software.

  • A Cheaper Alternative.. A Review of Logitech Mouse+ - by Doug MacDonald, Co- President - January 98
  • Compare with Microsoft IntelliMouse, with features like scrolling vertically through long documents without resorting to the vertical scroll bar and much more.

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