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Oct thru Dec - 2000

December - 2000
  • A Great Stocking Stuffer - submitted by John Clark
    "How Computers Work" - by Ron White
  • Entangled Photons Could Promise Lightning Speed Computers - by Gia Scafidi, NASA
  • Bugs and Viruses - by Scott Spanbauer
  • How Do We Manage Large Amounts of Photos? - by Richard Robusto
    Includes the basics of scanning
  • Need a DLL? - by Bill Shook
  • KnockOut 1.5 From Corel - by Maureen Shannon
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Book Discounts
      Microsoft Press 20% Discount
      Adobe Press
      PeachPit Press
    Corel Office 2000 & Rebate Stuff
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Show Volume Speaker in Systray & AuctionWatch
    Display Screen Resolution Settings in Systray
  • November - 2000
  • How Analog Modems Function - by John Hunt
    Parts I & II of II - DSL
  • DriveImage 4.0 Review - by Thornton Jacobs
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Dell Computer Provides Web School for Teachers
  • Relief from Barrage of Irksome TV Commercials - by Ken Fermoyle
  • MS Home Publishers Suite 2000 - by Diane Gillette
  • WinZip 8 Review - Pete Theisen
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Go2Call free PC-to-phone service
    EchoBuzz VoiceMail Box by Blue Diamond Software
    Iolo Technologies and System Mechanic
    ClickBook 2000 from Bluesquirrel
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Embed Picture in Outlook email
    See ALL folders in Windows Explorer at Once (Directory Tree)
  • October - 2000
  • MS Windows Me Review - by Joe Schork, President
  • Windows Cab Files - by Dale Oliver, Vice President
  • DriveCopy 3.0 Review - Pat Kennedy
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Content Copying Poses Legal/Ethical Questions
  • ClickBook 2000 Review - by Mike Alcorn
    A Windows Printing Utility
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Friendly Robotics Lawn Mower
    'Free' Stock Trading
    Pinnacle Systems
    E-mail Hoaxes
    NetSonic - Browser Cache Assistant
    Onespace from Enfish
    Steve Gibson's "Shields Up"
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    NorthernLight search engine - recommended by Dale Oliver
    Easter Eggs - recommended by Dale Oliver
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    Jul thru Sep - 2000

    September - 2000
  • The Napster Conundrum - by Steve Bass
    It's Free - It's Easy - It's Wrong
  • Ken's Korner - U.S Postal Service Plans, including email - by Ken Fermoyle
  • Identity Theft - by Lee Hudspeth
    Online Resources Can Help Protect You
  • Using Your Calculator - by Candy Baker
  • Watch for CDRW Price Drops as Double Density Models Appear - Ken Fermoyle
  • Bogus Email Tax Rumor Makes the Rounds - Again! - by Ken Formoyle
  • Disk Fragmentation - Robert Simanski
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Steve Gibson's Spyware
    BuzMe - Internet Call Waiting
    Linux Free Software from Corel
    Robotic Friendly Lawn Mower
  • August - 2000
  • Audio Mastering and/or Ripping - by John Clark
  • Ken's Korner - Acrobat! - by Ken Fermoyle
    Is It Changing Publishing as We Know It?
  • Where Oh Where Did My Data Go - by John Clark
  • Are You Safe from Attack??? - by Karl Rehaka
  • Windows 98 SE Review - Herb Goldstein
  • Handy, Hidden Windows 98 Utilities - by Greg Lenihan
    System Information - Command: msinfo32.exe
    System Configuration Utility - Command: msconfig.exe
    System File Checker - Command: sfc.exe
    Version Conflict Manager - Command: vcmui.exe
    Dr. Watson - Command: drwatson.exe
    Hardware Diagnostics Tool - Command hwinfo.exe /ui
    Link Check Wizard - Command: chklnks.exe
    IP Configuration Tool - Command winipcfg.exe
  • Check Out WordWeb 1.61 - by Ken Fermoyle
    Free Dictionary, Thesaurus
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Paying URLs
    Pentium III problems
    Adobe Specials
      PhotoDeluxe, Bus Ed, Home Ed 4.0, & 2.0
      PageMill 3.0
    Arts & Letters Express
  • July - 2000
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Intel Faces Strong Challenge from AMD
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - by John Hunt
  • Entry Level Questions Answered - Lowell Shatraw
  • Kids and Computers - by Charlie Paschal
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    PlanetWare Travel Planning Software
    PowerQuest Hard Drive Utilities
    Inoculate-IT Antivirus Program - FREE
    OmniUpdate your Web Site Free
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    Apr thru Jun - 2000

    Jun - 2000
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Computer Frustrations
  • A Web Site for Everyone - Stephen Morgan
    Part 3: How to Make one
  • MS Intellimouse - Optical Evaluation - by Kevin Wood
  • Act Locally, Think Globally - by Steve Bass
    Recycling Begins on Your PC
  • To Surge or Not To Surge - by Bob Click
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Infected E-mail Attachments
    Free UPS shipping - PC Connection & MAC Connection
    Bargaindog.com - "Hundreds of Deals on Many, Many Items"
    Many Feedback Items: PlanetWare, PC IQ, Free ISPs, etc
  • May - 2000
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Honesty, Accuracy: Keys To Good Product Reviews
  • One Size Fits All Not True When Choosing DTP Tools - by Ken Fermoyle
  • Will CD-R and CD-RW Become Floppy of the Future? - by Surya Singh
  • A Website for Everyone - by Stephen Morgan
    Part 2: Reserving Your Web Site NOW!
  • MultiRead Spec Brings DVD Rewriteables Closer to Reality - by Ken Fermoyle
  • Microsoft et al HELP!
    Microsoft Knowledgebase (KB) & Other Products
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Prying Eyes and Firewalls
    Deal Reminders from Caere, World Skyline, and Adobe
    Paint Shop Pro from JASC Software
    PowerQuest Hard Drive Utilites
    A Scanner in Your Pocket from Wizcom
  • April - 2000
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Take Rest Breaks. Exercise to Prevent Computer Ailments
  • Free Column for Readers - Ken Fermoyle
  • Ken's Korner Greeting Card Tip - by Ken Fermoyle
    Add Professional Look To Your Greeting Cards
  • Gigantic Floppy or Slow Hard Drive - by John Clark
  • Hi Diddley Dee It's USB For Me - by John Clark
  • Telephone Line Quality for Use with Standard Modems - by Grant Wales
  • Back to School - by Bill Shook
    PC Show and Tell
  • Cookie Sites
    How They Work - Both Digital and Edible
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Motherboard Considerations
    SurfSaver 2.0 from askSam
    Book Discounts from O'Reilly & Associates
    Free JUNO?
    Blue-Light Special - Kmart
    Tritium - Free Internet Access?
    JumpToFree ISP?
    Paint Shop Pro Upgrade Special from JASC
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    Jan thru Mar - 2000

    March - 2000
  • PowerQuest Partition Magic 5.0 - by John Hunt
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    Free Media Workshop Set for April 29/30 in Vegas
  • A Ken's Korner TidByte - by Ken Fermoyle
    Ford Supports Tech Goals & Offers Computers to Employees
  • Printer Paper - What's the Difference - by Alicia King Padgett
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Caere Offers Still Good (Omnixxx Products)
    Prying Eyes & BroadBand & Steve Gibson
    Photo-sharing Web Sites
    World Skyline Offers
    Check That Battery
  • February - 2000
  • Windows 9x Tips
    Speed up Internet Signon
    4-digit years
    Shutdown and Restart Shortcuts
    Windows Key functions & F3, F1
    Copy/Move & Display Properties
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Femoyle
    CD-RW Drives Unseat Other Media For Removable Storage, Backup, Archives
  • The Association of Shareware Professionals - A Primer - by Harold Holmes, President
  • A Website for Everyone - Steve Morgan
  • Easy Standby - by Lincoln Spector, Contributing Editor to PC WORLD
  • Intel's Pentium III - by Charles Blanchard
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    MicroVision's WebExpress
    AlienSkin Offers
    Free StarOffice Suite
    Free Long Distance with DialPad
    Free ISPs
  • January - 2000
  • Image Software Comparison - by Maureen Shannon
    Mini Reviews on: Micrografx, CorelDraw 8&9, JASC Paint Shop Pro 5&6,
    Microsoft Picture It!, PhotoDraw 2000, MGI PhotoSuite II, Ulead's Photo
    Impact, Adobe PhotoShop 5, and others.
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Femoyle
    Computing Faces Major Changes as We Head Into the Year 2000
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Windows 98 in a Nutshell Book by O'Reilly Publishers
    Web Express by MicroVision
    Communicate Pro PIM
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