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Jan thru Mar - 1997

Apr thru Jun - 1997

Jul thru Sep - 1997

Oct thru Dec - 1997

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Oct thru Dec - 1997

December - 1997
  • MS Office 97 Service Release 1 - by Bob Frye - December 97
  • Fix the well publicized conversion problem between Word 97 and previous Word versions and receive as a bonus 100+ MB ValuPack of application extras such as file viewers, clip art, maps, etc.

  • Drive Image from PowerQuest Corp. - A Review by Doug MacDonald - Dec 97
  • Capture a mirror image of a hard drive or a partition and store in a file for later use. It can be stored on same or different hard drive, Zip or Jaz drives, or even floppies and is useful for recovery or just plain backup.

  • Fun Stuff - by Betty Davis, Vice President - December 97
  • Download and view friends, relatives, or whomever pictures from the net with Photoworks.

    November - 1997
  • Paperwork and Phone Calls - by Betty Davis, Vice President - November 97
  • So you need help? A guide to help you to be prepared when you call for support.

  • WOW Personal Investor 5.0 - A Review by Bob Frye - November 97
  • Window On WallStreet's (WOW) Personal Investor 5.0 is a specialized program for fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and mutual funds. Very comprehensive!

  • PowerQuest Partition Magic 3.0 - A Review by David Hinds, Part 2 of 2 - Nov 97
  • Eliminate FDISK. Add, delete, resize hard drive partitions with the touch of the mouse. (See also part 1 in September 97)

    October - 1997
  • Zip Drives and More Of That Ilk.... - by Betty Davis, Vice President - October 97
  • Another mission accomplished, namely backing up to multiple zip cartridges, but not without a couple of fumbles along the way.

  • Lview Pro 2.0 - by Carl Bethea, President - October 97
  • A complete shareware graphics system. It not only has a quick and easy cataloging system, but is a full featured paint program. Take a look.

  • Large Capacity Floppy Drives - by Carl Bethea, President - October 97
  • A discussion of 120 megabyte 3.5" floppies and their price. Are they worth it?

  • Microsoft Publisher 97 by Design - by Bob Frye - October 97
  • A review of Luisa Simone's MS Publisher 97 book. A good book for beginners as well as a reference for the experienced. Luisa discusses the basics and the "how-to's" through project illustrations.

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    Jul thru Sep - 1997

    September - 1997
  • Running Office 97 vs Office 97 At A Glance - by Bob Frye - September 97
  • A Face Off Book Review on two Microsoft Office 97 books.

  • Why I Don't Use Windows Programs' Self-UnInstallers - by Don Two - Sep 97
  • A long time 3rd party uninstaller user justifies his position.

  • UnInstaller 4.5 For Win 95 and Win NT 4.0 - by Doug MacDonald - Sep 97
  • A Review of CyberMedia's recent update of its popular and award winning UnInstaller.

  • Upgrade...Thoughts About Needs and Wants - by Betty Davis, Vice Pres - Sep 97
  • Do you really need to upgrade? If so, to what extent?

  • PowerQuest Partition Magic 3.0 - A Review by David Hinds, Part 1 of 2 - Sep 97
  • Add, delete, resize, or whatever, your hard disk partitions, at the click(s) of the mouse. (No more Fdisk'ing). (See also part 2 in November 97)

  • Basic Answers - by Ed Maxey - September 97
  • Leukemia in children and electromagnetic field exposure (EMF) and A BASIC program to compute the odds of EMF exposure.

  • Crash Course Word 95 - by Max Beasley - September 97
  • Published by Mike Murach and Associates, this is an excellent beginner's book and a good reference for the experienced user. And, with the users' group 40% discount, is available for $9.00.

    August - 1997
  • Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 - A Review by Bob Frye - August 97
  • Import images, from disk, CD-ROM, scanner, wherever and manipulate at will: rotate, resize, lighten, whatever.

  • PrntScrn Revisited & One Click PrntScrn in Win 95 - by Bill Shook - August 97
  • PrtSrn in DOS is just one click, but in Windows it's something else again. However, PC Magazine's print utility provides one click PrtScn for Windows 95, with most features also working in NT.

  • Want An Icon In Your Tray? - by Bill Shook - August 97
  • This handy shareware utility lets you put a program's icon in the system tray, including DOS programs, and use any icon available.

    July - 1997
  • Microsoft Home Essentials 97 - A Review by Carl Bethea, President - July 97
  • Products included are: MS Word 97, MS Works 4.0, Encarta(r) 97, MS Internet Explorer, the MS Network, Greetings Workshop with Hallmark, MS Arcade, and the Internet Gaming Zone

  • Crash Course Excel 95 - A Book Review by Doug MacDonald - July 97
  • Written by Anne Prince and published by Mike Murach and Associates, it's an excellent beginner's book and a good reference for the experienced user. And... the publisher provides User's Groups with a 40% discount off the $15.00 list.

  • Number Please - by John Clark - July 97
  • Though we think we are using alpha characters for addresses, in reality the Internet is all about numbers.

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    Apr thru Jun - 1997

    June - 1997
  • When Your Computer Needs First Aid 97 - by Carl Bethea, President - June 97
  • Get top performance from your system. First Aid 97 for Windows 95 analyzes, reports, and fixes a wide range of problems. It also includes Oil Change to keep it up-to-date.

  • OnLine Investing - by Betty Davis, Vice President - June 97
  • A collection of Internet investment sites to tap into.

    May - 1997
  • Norton Utilities V 2.0 for Windows 95 - A Review by Bill Shook - May 97
  • The latest of what is arguably the premier collection of PC utilities. NU2 monitors, protects and fixes a wide range of problems, some before they happen.

    April - 1997
  • Good Times Virus - A Spoof by Betty Davis - April 97
  • A spoof on the Good Times Virus and supposedly what all it can do to you - from the CIAC.

  • Adding Zip To My PC - by Bob Frye - April 97
  • An experience of a successful Iomega Zip drive installation on a 486

  • Missionary Software - by Rod White - April 97
  • 'File conversion is not exactly like a religious conversion. But a guru is required' Humor with converting a FAX transmission to an AutoCAD screen.

  • Bigfoot.com - by Ron Koelling - April 97
  • Free E-mail re-direction/forwarding service for life with your own "Bigfoot-4-Life" e-mail address.

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    Jan thru Mar - 1997

    March - 1997
  • Windows Draw 5 - by Carl Bethea, President - March 97
  • Rivals Corel Draw with many features like 3D text and graphics, internet graphics, photo editing, web-page design, a drag-and-drop clip art manager, and tons of images, clipart, and fonts.

  • HOAXES Continued... - by Betty Davis, Vice President - March 97
  • Identify a real virus vs a hoax. Contact CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability).

  • MicroHelp UnInstaller 4 - A Review by Bob Frye - March 97
  • A full 32 Bit Windows 95 utility with 6 major clean up tools for removing unwanted software.

  • Bits, Bytes, or Why Do We Get Email We Can't Read? - by John Clark - Mar 97
  • All you need or want to know about bit coding, MIME, UUE, BINHEX and why you can't read certain email messages and what to do about it.

  • From the President - by Carl Bethea, President - March 97
  • As the title implies - a pep-talk from the president on the need for members to speak up with comments, complaints, and suggestions.

    February - 1997
  • HOAXES: The Good, Bad, and Just Plain Ugly - by Betty Davis, V. Pres - Feb 97
  • Bombarded with virus notices? Learn how to identify the hoaxes from the real ones.

  • GPS and Delorme - by Ed Lentz - February 97
  • Use Street Atlas USA to plan and print your trip maps and GPS (Global Positioning System) to track your journey on the maps.

  • Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 95 - A Review by Bill Shook - February 97
  • Corel's first WordPerfect Suite. Includes WP 7, Quattro Pro 7, Presentations 7 and much more.

  • Tracking the DOW in Quicken 5 - by Bob Frye - February 97
  • Use Quicken 5 to track the DOW and your progress toward it.

    January - 1997
  • Street Atlas USA v4.0 by DeLorme - A Review by John Clark - January 97
  • Custom design and print your trip maps. Also email them to anyone having the same program.

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