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October thru December - 2006

December - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Review of 2007 programs.
  • AVG FREE Anti-virus 2007 Availability - by Bill Shook, Editor
    Not to be concerned. FREE AVG is alive and well!
  • Practice Good "Netiquette" - Be a Good "Netizen" - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    If more people practiced good netiquette, and were better netizens, we would likely have more online satisfaction, and improve our throughput while on the net.
  • The Part of Backup Nobody Mentions - by Vinny LaBash
    Do you believe that your backup is a sound copy of your data? Would you be at ease if all your files suddenly disappeared from your computer, and all you had was your backup to restore them?
  • E-mail: Be Less Annoying - by Steve Bass
    "I have a laundry list of ways people drive me wild with e-mail." ".. here are some ways on how to stop being obnoxious with your e-mail."
  • Is Windows Vista For You? Which Edition? - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    By the time you read this, the first computers with factory installed Windows Vista should be appearing on the market. Retail versions of Vista are planned to be on the shelves in late January for those who want to upgrade their current operating systems or build a new computer with Microsoft’s latest and greatest. Vista will initially be available in four editions, some of which will run on either the contemporary 32 bit computers, or on the newer 64 bit systems.
  • Happy GadgetHolidays! - by Berry Phillips
    Have many of us become "gadgetholics?" Do we rush in mass like drunken lemmings annually to fall deeper in debt for the coolest gadget?
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Here Is Some Fast Food Technology
      Have Your Medical Data With You!
      Reminder About the Laptop Discount by Dave Whittle
      How About A Backup With Security!
      This Product Helps You Work With Your Pictures
      Got A Pocket PC? Now You Can Translate Languages!
  • More On The Web - The following articles are NOT in the hardcopy newsletter.
    • Windows Defender - Free Anti-spyware From Microsoft - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director.
      According to several computer security pundits, spyware may pose a greater threat to our online cyber safety than the traditional viruses that have assaulted us for years.
    • I Won the E-mail Lottery - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director.
      “Dear Lucky Winner, RE: END OF YEAR BONUS LOTTERY PROMOTION PRIZE AWARDS WINNING NOTIFICATION. We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws of De Lotto Netherlands International Lottery programs.
  • SideBar - Three On a Cellphone - by Bob and Joy Schwabach, from 5th week of October, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Printed with permission.
    We tried out a device called the "Spracht Aura Mobile BT." (Spracht? Where's my German dictionary?) This lets several people talk into a cell phone at once; no crowding.
  • November - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of October meeting.
  • Coming To a Computer Near You - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    The new Internet 7. Get it.
  • Utilize XP Components to Improve Performance - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    Many of us are plagued by what appears to be a sluggish computer with an overstuffed hard drive and/or are frustrated alleging that their computers crashed because it appears not to boot. Sound like anyone you know?
  • Microsoft Vista Beta - First Look - by Brian K Lewis
    Knowing that many users of Windows XP will probably upgrade to Vista with their current hardware, I installed a Beta 2.0 copy of Windows Vista on an older machine. Here are the results.
  • Tech News - by Sue Crane
      Amazon Reveals Windows Vista Pricing.
      New Skype Phone Doesn’t Need PC.
      IRS Sets Refund for Individuals from Phone Tax.
      Light Bulbs Going Organic.
      Cars with Depth Perception.
      Fly planes in a 360-degree Virtual Universe.
      Homemade Car Gets 105 mpg.
      Motorola Sells Phones and Accessories in Vending Machines.
      Gas from manure.
      Post-9/11 Anti-terror Technology:
      Canon to recall copiers that can catch fire.
      FREE Driver Update for PC Magazine Members.
      Windows Vista RC1 Now Downloadable By Anyone.
      Free Music Downloads.
      Free PDF Books From Google.
  • How Do I Get My Home Videos Into My Computer? - by Elise Edgell
    I have stacks of VHS and 8mm tapes that I want to convert to digital format before they are no longer accessible. Does the shoe fit?
  • THIS explains everything! - by Anonymous
    Self explanatory!
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      I read about a Florida company (CellAntenna) that makes some interesting products. One of them is called the CJAM 100 Portable Personal Cellular Jammer that is capable of blocking cellular communications in a relatively small area.
      Something else I read about is “LifeShirt” which was created by VivoMetrics a few years ago and has been tested and researched by various companies for different purposes.
      Out With The Old, In With The New (And Better).
      Are You Into Mapping?
  • More On The Web - The following article is NOT in the hardcopy newsletter.
  • SideBar - A Secret Phone Number - by Bob and Joy Schwabach, from 4th week of October, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Printed with permission.
    Provides free phone numbers you can give out in situations where you don't want to give out your real number.

  • October - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of September 23rd meeting.
  • FREE Antivirus Protection - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    It's been said there were “114,000 viruses in the past year”. Whatever the number, viruses and other malware are out there trying to attack and infect our computers.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista - by Mike Moore
    Vista, a new operating system due out around January of 2007 and now in beta testing around the world, seeks to redesign the way we use computers, particularly internet and media-enabled computers. Previously code named “Longhorn,” this release is about as far removed from XP as XP was from the old text-based DOS operating systems.
  • My Spyware - by Sandy Berger
    Last week my office computer slowed to a crawl when accessing anything on the office network or on the Internet. It was so slow that I was anxious to begin troubleshooting.
  • Digital Resolution Made Confusing - by Dave Chrestenson
    There seems to be a plethora of articles on the number of pixels required to create your photos to their full glory. Many of the articles disagree with each other and some are mystifying (to say the least); occasionally a few are wrong. So here I will approach it from a different point of view, I'll give you the knowledge and let you decide what you need. Ready? Here we go!
  • Microsoft Offers FREE Online Office Training - by Ira Wilsker
    For those who have found that they need help with Office, or would simply like to learn about basic or sophisticated tasks, Microsoft is offering an assortment of free online tutorials, some that are text and graphical based, and others with integrated audio explaining what is being shown on the screen.
  • Blue Coat's K9 Web Protection - by Mike Mitchell
    Lately, I have been approached by several parents asking if there is a reliable Internet filtering solution they can install on the computer for their kids. I have also thought even some adults might be interested in content filtering software to possibly help decrease the risk of spyware, malware and viruses being installed on their PCs.
  • CAPTCHA - by Sandy Berger
    Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      A new cardiologist
      Need More Windows Maintenance?
      Don’t Let Your Printer Control You, You Control IT!
      How Good Is Your Link Collection?
      Are You Missing Any Money?
  • More On The Web - The following four articles are presented that are NOT in the hardcopy newsletter.
    • 1) First Impressions – Office 2007 (Beta) - by Ann Moore.
      "The deadline for submission of my monthly article is looming and I am still struggling to complete it."
    • 2) Google Earth – A Birdseye View of the Globe, - by Ira Wilsker.
      "You may have seen the snazzy zooming satellite maps used by the broadcast news media to show some hotspot on the globe, sometimes being able to zoom directly to a particular location from a point in space."
    • 3) Solve Computer Problems with Canonical Lists of Free Software - by Ira Wilsker.
      "In several of my recent columns, I discussed free software for a number of specific purposes. The response to those columns has been encouraging, with a common request being that the readers want more information and resources on free software. There are several mega-download sites, with thousands of software titles available for download."
    • 4) Windows Vista - by Gene Barlow.
      "The next few months promise to be an exciting time for PC users as Microsoft rolls out their new Windows Vista operating system. While some business systems may be released late this year, most of the action will take place shortly after the beginning of the new year. Now is the time to start planning how you are going to take advantage of this new technology."
  • SideBar - Books in Bunches - by Bob and Joy Schwabach, from 3rd week of September, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Printed with permission.
    Not long ago, Google has made the full text of many books FREE online.
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    July thru September - 2006

    September - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of August 19th meeting.
  • Useful FREE Programs to Clean Your Files & Email - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    Many of the common computing activities that we enjoy so much may also result in some unwanted or unnecessary data that would be beneficial to remove or delete. Fortunately, there are many excellent but free programs available to help us.
  • Managing Device Drivers - by Vinny LaBash
    Drivers are one of the three most important broad categories of software in computers. Drivers are important for two reasons. First, your peripherals won't work without them, and second, corrupted or out-of-date device drivers are responsible for most system crashes.
  • XP or Vista? - by Elaine Drain
    Are you wondering whether to go ahead and buy a new computer now with XP or try to hold out until Vista arrives on the scene?
  • Quality Freeware - by Brian Lewis
    "I thought I'd let you in on the absolutely free software I have been using for the past 2-5 years."
  • Computer Hysteria! - by Berry Phillips
    "Shhhhhh! He has fallen asleep in his high back, black, office chair in front of me. I hate it when he does this because he snores and it vibrates some of my electronic parts!"
  • Free Image Utilities For Your Computer - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director
    There was a groundswell of opinion in favor of two free utilities that may lack the pizzazz and marketing of the high price commercial products and some of the less-well used functions, but are quite capable of most image management tasks.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Get Those Drives & Petitions Back
      Monitor What The Kids View
      This Product Claims To Further Improve Your Windows Operation
      Lets Improve That Password Protection
      This Game Is A Blood-Chiller
  • More On The Web - Three articles provided by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director, that are NOT in the hardcopy newsletter.
  • SideBar - Do you know about ransom viruses? Now circulating is a new type of virus that asks for a ransom in exchange for releasing control of your computer!.
  • August - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of July 15th meeting.
  • ebay Warns of Phishing & Identity Theft - by Ira Wilsker
    I received the following real email in HTML format, complete with authentic eBay graphics, typo errors, and links to eBay...
  • Accessing Family Accounts In Cases Of Emergency - by Gabriel Goldberg
    It's clear how important it is for each of us to maintain current wills, powers of attorney, medical directives, and other such documents...
  • Internet Fraud - by Bob Schneider
    Internet fraud continues to be the fastest growing crime in America (and perhaps the world). The most common technique for fraud today is “phishing.”
  • Essential Processes - How You Can Tell - by Vinny LaBash
    Maybe this time next year I’ll be writing about a Vista tip to make life easier while we’re all anticipating the release of Vienna, the follow on to Vista. While we’re waiting, here’s something to make the wait easier.
  • Why Are Backups Important? - by Gene Barlow
    Backing up your computer's main hard drive is the most important task every user needs to do on a regular basis.
  • Windows Vista - A Preview - by Brian Lewis
    As you all probably know by now, Vista is the next version of Windows that Microsoft will be releasing. It was supposed to be available this November, but it's release has been postponed to after January 1, 2007.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Do Your Homework
      Check That Malware, And For Free!
      Lets Compare Data
      The Arnold Schwarzenegger Of Windows?
  • More On The Web - Three articles provided by Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director, that are NOT in the hardcopy newsletter.
  • SideBar - System Restore problem fixes.
  • July - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of June 17th meeting.
  • Backup Awareness Month - by Ira Wilsker, APCUG
    This is really more of a win-win situation, as there is a very valid need for timely and comprehensive backups of our data
  • How Big Is A 300 GB Disk? - by Jim Sanders
    When I look at that 3.5 inch hard drive that is one inch high and easily held in my hand, trying to put those 300 Giga bytes of storage in perspective is a little tough
  • Traveling With A Camcorder - by Joseph Asling
    Summer is coming and it’s time to go somewhere interesting and photogenic. Many people carry cameras when they travel and not a few of us take camcorders. Here are a checklist and a few suggestions for coming back with better video
  • The New, The Best, and The Worst - by Pim Borman
    Leafing back through old copies of The P-See UrGent, I notice that I started this monthly column in February, 1998. That makes this about the 80th installment – hard to believe. It started out as a discussion of things New, Best or Worst in the computer world
  • Why Do You Get So Much Spam? - by Vinny LaBash
    The earliest recorded instance of what may be described as spam occurred on May 3, 1978
  • Tech News - by Sue Crane
      A car that blows away a Ferrari 360 Spider and a Porsche Carrera GT
      New security features in Windows Vista will largely eliminate the need to run separate antispyware or firewall software
      Virtualization provides not only a way to use computers more efficiently, but it also offers a new, relatively painless way to install software
      A few small companies will start to offer services and products for converting hybrid cars
      The next energy source: Barnyard animals?
      AgraQuest is one of a rising number of companies promoting biopesticides
      The DARPA plans to hold its 3rd contest for robotic vehicles in November 2007
      Lego expects to release software, hardware and Bluetooth developer kits
  • Choose Your Own "Home Page" - by Ira Wilsker
    I work on a lot of different computers at a variety of locations, and one factor that consistently astounds me is that many people have blissfully ignorantly never changed their startup "home page"
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Do Your Homework
      DVD Copying Anyone?
      Might Be A Good Service, And FREE!
      Protect Those Passwords, OK, And FREE Too!
  • SideBar - Be There! Meeting, July 15th, 1:00 pm at The Jones Center For Families to hear about The Ultimate Boot Disk!
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    April thru June - 2006

    June - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of May 13th meeting.
  • Swissbit – Victorinox Do Everything USB, MP3 Swiss Army Knife - by Ira Wilsker
    Hey dads! With Father’s Day fast approaching...
  • Crisis With A Virus - by Dean BergLund
    For the last couple of months now, my computer has been slowing down.
  • Tech News - by Sue Crane
      Cosmeo is bringing Discovery’s online encyclopedia into homes via it’s Web site.
      Microsoft announced that it has delayed the mainstream launch of Vista until next year.
      Microsoft is also building in a tool, Windows Performance Rating, that will rate a PC.
      An error in McAfee’s virus definition file released mid-March.
      When Microsoft first talked about Windows Live in November, most of the “Live” products were MSN services that had been rebranded.
      Take a look at the Ice Weasels, Space Cookies and Cheesy Poofs, high school teams competing for top merit.
      Neurofeedback, a form of conditioning that rewards people for producing specific brain waves, taps youths’ fascination.
      Kyle MacDonald is on the verge of successfully completing a project that sounds absurd.
  • Windows XP Housecleaning - by Dick Maybach
    Unless you are careful, after a period of use Windows will begin to slow down.
  • Getting the Most Space in the Internet Explorer Window - by Glenn Richards
    The IE window toolbars can take up a lot of space that could be better used to see web page content.
  • Clear Reading With Cleartype - by Vinny La Bash
    Flat panel LCD Monitors are designed to display information at a specific resolution known as the "native resolution".
  • Do I Have to Overwrite My Hard Drive Multiple Times? - by Stephen Elderkin
    There are multiple standards for wiping drives, and each one recommends a certain number of hard-drive overwrites.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Games Anyone?
      Get Modern With eBook
      More Product Announcements
  • SideBar - TIP!
    Do you let Windows close all open programs on shutdown? or do you close them first?
  • May - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of April 15th meeting.
  • New Hard Drives And XP Hard Drive Management Utility - by Ira Wilsker
    External drives often come with a variety of utility software titles for creating backups, and other purposes. Since there are a variety of hard drive controllers (the device that physically connects the motherboard in the computer to the cable and drive) in use, the purchaser needs to be sure that any internal drives purchased are compatible with the controllers in the computer.
  • Gotcha - by Ed Maxey
    Every partition in each regular drive was blown away. Well, not to worry, everything was safe in a PLUMAX box in the hall closet.
  • Hard Disk Disasters - by Dick Maybach
    Hard disk failure is the most serious PC problem, because it jeopardizes all your data. Even if everything else in your PC dies, if your hard disk is good, you can just move it to a new machine and be back in business as though nothing had happened.
  • The New, The Best, And The Worst - by Pim Borman
      Rant #1 concerns the software Dell installs on new computers, whether you want it or not.
      Rant #2: Sony BMG recently getting caught using rootkits to provide copy protection on CDs they sold. According to an article in eweek.com, the rootkit trick is being used by other companies also.
      Rant #3: If you make a free, limited version of your software available for download, don’t play silly games trying to hide the download button hoping that the prospective customer will finally give up, or make an error, and order your paid-for version.
  • Why Settle, Do It Your Way - by Lee Alexander
      Acrobat Reader
      Adobe Photoshop, Etc.
      Word Toolbars
      Tips on Digital Photography and a PC Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
      Harry's Filters 3.0
      LCD Usage with a Digital Camera
      Flash as a fill-in.
      White Balance.
      Color Management Schemes
      See More Thumbnails in Win Explorer
      Auto-reduce Photo File Sizes
  • The Future Of Broadband Access - by Bob Hewitt
    This may end up to be a case of who gets there fastest with the mostest. The goal is Broadband. Just about all computer owners want it. Many cannot afford it. But every provider wants to get the biggest share of the pie.
  • Organizing The Favorites Menu - by Glenn Richards
    This is a follow-up on a tip from Worldstart. I have been using the method for years. When you collect shortcuts to web sites like I do the Favorites menu gets difficult to manage without some organizing.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      A Great Weekend With Friends
      A Reminder
      Name Your Drive
      Make Any Manual Operation on Your PC A Fun Ride with RoboTask 2.4!
      NeoWise Software (Edited)
  • SideBar - WinPatrol revisited with recognition of additional features.
  • April - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of March 18th meeting.
  • Is The Internet Insecure Because Of You? - by Dave Gerber
    Long gone are the days that we could feel secure and know for certain that we had privacy.
  • Identity Theft Phishing Scams Abound - by Ira Wilsker
    How to recognize and what to do about it.
  • Open Source Software Opens Up - by Orv Beach
    Linux is easy to install, the applications are easy to use, but the system administration is different than Windows (some would say it's still more difficult than it should be). But like other areas of Linux, it's improving steadily.
  • To Defrag Or Not To Defrag? - by Carey Holtzman
    If you're looking to speed up XP Machines, the answer is NOT.
  • Do A Clean Sweep Of Your Computer - by Marc Saltzman
    How to safely remove software and files from your computer.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      How Secure is Your System?
      Leaky Capacitor Update
      Great, The Bundle is Back
      ExtraLabs Releases Version 3.4 of Feed Editor.
      New RSS Editor Makes Anyone An RSS Guru!
      If You Like Games, Check This Announcement
  • SideBar - Having Trouble Reading Small Print? and You Have A Mouse With A Wheel?
    Then this is for you!
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    January thru March - 2006

    March - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Notification of several meeting date changes and programs.
  • New Federal Website Provides Users With Internet Safety and Security - by Ira Wilsker
    While there are many online resources providing informational websites to help prevent us from falling prey to internet victimization, a consortium of federal agencies has created “OnGuard Online” at http://www.onguardonline.gov.
  • The Insiders' Guide To Craigslist - by Richard Johnson
    If you're not using craigslist, it's time you joined the crowd. This phenomenally successful community bulletin board serves over ten million online users in a single month, and, except for modest fees in three cities for help-wanted ads, all its services are without charge.
  • Ram And Reason - by Rob Rice
    Much has been said about virus and malicious software prevention, but what if all of your precautions fail? A virus and incident checklist.
  • A USB Primer - by Brian K. Lewis
    By now most computer users are familiar with the term USB or Universal Serial Bus. Probably within a year you won't find any new computers with older ports.
  • What Your Computer Really Does When It's Idle - by Vinny LaBash
    You're sitting at your machine, thinking about what to do next, when your disk drive starts whirring and the light flashes, indicating that something is going on. Knowing what's going on in your system is good, but the best protection against intruders is to keep your anti-virus, firewall, and other specialized protection programs up-to-date.
  • Anti-Spyware Basics - by Dave Gerber
    You've just come home with your new computer. As you're about to plug in the networking cable you remember something the sales associate mentioned. "Be sure and get some anti-spyware and security stuff". "Bah," you figure.
  • Anti-Spam Programs: Do They Really Work? - by Vinny LaBash
    Among the most effective anti-spam programs are the ones that use some kind of approval based email management system. They work by constructing a “white list”. From that moment on, any incoming email that is not on the list is considered to be spam.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Another Disappointing Cruise
      Read The Fine Print
      Say Hello If You’re In Town
      Here’s An Announcement For Home Bookkeeping Software (Edited)
      Pricing and Availability
      Interested In A Jukebox? An Edited Announcement.
  • SideBar - System Information For Windows
    SIW, or System Information For Windows, belongs in everybody's toolkit. http://www3.sympatico.ca/gtopala/about_siw.html Try it. You'll like it.
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    February - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • President's Corner - by Bill Moeller, President
    Recap of January's meeting
  • Online "My My Family Health Portrait - by Ira Wilsker
    What to do if a comprehensive family medical history is not available immediately, but urgently needed for proper diagnosis and treatment?
  • USB Flash Drives - by Brian K. Lewis, Ph.D.
    You may already be familiar with the small USB flash drives, a solid-state medium for storing data, music, photos, and/or applications, but now there is a new version, the U3 smart-computing platform...
  • The New, The Best, And The Worst - Collected by Pim Borman
    Vista, the name of the long-awaited next version of Microsoft Windows, not available until at least the second half of 2006 but already widely previewed and discussed in the PC magazines. What do we glimpse in the distance? Should we fight or switch?
  • Buying a PC for the Holidays - by Vinnie Labash
    Vista isn't due until later this year, but a little forethought before buying will prevent much regret in 2006
  • Computer In A Smart House - by Linda Soloski
    We’ve had quite an adjustment getting ourselves here to North Carolina, electronically speaking. The saga began in Brandon [Florida], when — for some un­known reason — Veri­zon decided to disconnect our service four days early
  • Informative Tech News - by by Bob Elgines
      More Free Spyware
      PCI Express vs AGP-8X Graphic Cards
      Windows 2000 Info!
      What is “Windows XP N”?
      What is “Windows XP Media”?
      New Microsoft Windows Software
      New WD Hard Drive
  • Fearless Forecasts for 2006 - by Rick Altman
    I want a piece of the action. I want the opportunity to make embarrassing predictions, be ridiculed by our peers, and live in shame until next January. Here, therefore, is our annual contribution to the landscape of bold, prophetic statements that will surely come back to haunt us...
      Microsoft has trouble with Office 12
      Corel products trade places
      Two lenses are better than one
      Hand-held movies in high-resolution?
      Batteries...oy vey...
      Wither TiVo
      Television...directly to your PC
      Every company will see the light...
    Well, seven out of eight won't be too bad
  • Screen Shots - by David Garcia
    Have you ever wanted to print out what you see on your monitor screen? If you don’t need that sophistication, you can easily use Windows to get a screenshot
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      Want some trivia?
      It’s All About The Squeaky Wheel
      Time To Do Your Taxes
      Build Your Own Web Site For Free!
      Worth a Look
  • SideBar - SideBar takes a well deserved break.
    In the meantime, try the following website which I think you'll agree is a humorous one with a serious touch: http://www.clearfour.com/condiment/
  • More On The Web - Provided by Microsoft Mindshare

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  • January - 2006
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
  • Browsing WebRings - by Gabe Goldberg
    Communities of Web Sites. WebRings are linked sets of Web sites concerned with specific topics.
  • Windows Recovery or Restore Disks: Problems & Alternatives - by Vic Laurie
    The failure to provide an actual Windows installation disk with new computers is convenient for Microsoft and the computer vendors but can be a real problem for the PC user. Therefore, an alternative is needed.
  • Locked Out Of Your Computer? - by Vinny LaBash
    Before revealing what actually worked, let’s examine what you can do if you are ever locked out of your own computer.
  • Complete CD & DVD Burning Utility In One Box - by Ira Wilsker
    I have now settled on my favorite product, NTI’s “CD & DVD Maker 7 Titanium Suite”. I have found it feature rich, with all of the utilities in a single box, and easy to use.
  • Tech News - by Sue Crane
      SP3 for Win XP
      Microsoft Employee warns against downloading from unofficial site
      Robotic Cars Make History
      Real ID Act
      HP Recalls Laptop Batteries
      New Intel Technology Could Shorten PC Boot Up Time
      Some Camera Models Have Defective Sensors
      Chip-enabled Soccer Ball
  • Digital Cameras Blossom As Popularity Increases - by Ira Wilsker
    Much to no one’s surprise, the popularity of digital cameras is exploding, as the quality improves even more, and the cameras become more affordable. Digital photography, which was initially slow, grainy, and sometimes difficult to manipulate has matured, and is now nearly universal.
  • Don't Be A Loser At The Rebate Games - by Jim Sanders
    Most of us have bought something that sounded like a great value — “After Rebate or Rebates.” Everywhere from a great price to FREE!
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Dealsguy
      I can’t emphasize enough the value of users group help and here is an example
      Problems in Dell Land
      Still Good - WebBuild Express software for creating your Web site.
      The Lost Can Often Be Found
      An Announcement For NeoDownloader
  • SideBar - WinPatrol
    WinPatrol isn't the only software recommended for complete safety but with Scotty on Patrol you'll find yourself informed on what's going on inside your computer.
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