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October thru December - 2001

December - 2001
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links
  • November 2001 Meeting Recap - by Dale Oliver, President
    We enjoyed some festive holiday cookies at the November meeting. Unfortunately, not all cookies are as enjoyable.
    Install Microsoft security patch.
    The 2 main Virus control vendors are Symantec's Norton Antivirus and McAfee ViruScan.
    Most viruses are targeted at Microsoft products. All of us are at particular risk.
    The Ten Commandments for Virus Safety.
  • Partition Magic 7.0 - A Review by John Hunt
    Windows XP embodies a truly major change in internal architecture..., with 2 areas requiring serious user awareness and participation: hardware drivers and system utilities, like Partition Magic, Drive Image and backup programs.
  • TaxACT 2001 - A Review by Gilbert Jay
    "Reviewing this program has convinced me that I will be using TaxACT 2001 Deluxe from 2nd Story Software this year." There are many different TaxACT packages available, including the Standard, which is.."still the only free tax software package on the market..."
  • Synchronicity Strikes With a Worm - by John Clark, WebMaster
    "Too weird to be a coincidence".
  • Virus Control - by John Clark, WebMaster
    Everyone needs some kind of protection against virus infection. Ten protection systems compiled by PC WORLD.
  • The 2x4 and the Mule... or Have we got your attention yet? - by Bill Shook, Editor
    2 areas still need attention: virus control and backup.
  • Making Forwarded Email More Presentable - by Grant Wales
    Free forwarded email from those pesky ">" symbols and straighten out line endings with the freeware program, emailStripper.
  • Front Page Experiences - by Grant Wales
    Tables, screen resolutions, and others.
  • Woody's Windows Watch - by Thornton Jacobs
    Very informative reviews and tips - free subscription.
  • A Christmas Poem - by Rick Levine
    'Twas the year of 2000, and all through the land
    Spread a feeling that things were not going as planned.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The DealMaking Man
    Obversations regarding the September 11 tragedy.
    Buy American
    Aha-Soft's ArtIcons Pro 3.0.
    Ashampoo Isn't What You Think It Is.
    New Web Development Software -- HyperTest Studio from Olson Software.
    Deep discounts on computer cases and travel accessories for portable electronics from RoadWired.
    Special prices on DeLorme products.
    The FREE Tiny Personal Firewall.
    Coming Soon! Announcement for the new USB 2.0 Pockey drives
  • Side Bar - by Bill Shook, Editor
    Clean up your hard drive -- with DiskPie, from PC Magazine
  • November - 2001
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links
    New this month: (See article for Hot Links)
    Section: For Help on just about anything
      www.protonic.com and www.nancydoeswindows.com
    Section: Price Comparison Shopping
      www.softwareoutlet.com, www.overstock.com, and www.techbargains.com
  • October 2001 Meeting Recap - by Dale Oliver, President
    October's Q&A session was anoher good learning experience for all in attendance.
  • Announcements
    Norton SystemWorks 2002 Suite Offer - 6 Norton programs plus Roxio's GoBack for $24.99 - Limited time offer.
    5 new sites for Internet Help column; 2 technical help sites and 3 price comparison sites.
    Set your computer to National Time standard.
    2nd Story Software's just announced TaxACT 2001 package is available for Newsletter review.
  • DriveCopy 4.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by Pat Kennedy
    My old hard drives were crying out for relief - too many installed programs...so I bought a new hard drive. I had two operating system partitions, Windows XP and Windows ME, and several data partitions...
  • To XP or Not to XP - by Steve Bass, Pasadena IBM Users Group
    If you're going to upgrade, get ready now...
    DOS Programs, Drivers and Upgrades, Networking, Internet Explorer, and Getting a Jump.
  • HP Ditches Add-on CD-RW Market - by Michael Kanellos, CNET News.com
    Although it is No. 1 in sales of add-on CD-RW drives, Hewlett-Packard is exiting that market so it can better concentrate on the emerging, and potentially more profitable demand for recordable DVD drives.
  • Breaking and Entering - by Wally Wang, author of Steal This Computer Book 2
    Defeating Passwords, Disabling or circumventing a password, Defeating the Windows 95/98 screensaver, Defeating third-party screensavers and security programs, Stealing a password, Using a keystroke recorder or logger, D.I.R.T., Spying with a desktop monitoring program, Investigator monitors a user's computer activity, Remotely viewing another computer's desktop, Using a password recovery program, Dictionary attacks on passwords.
  • WOW! Being Found on Web is Getting Expensive - by Steve Wilson, The Alamo PC Organization Inc.
    In the last few months, the "price" for being indexed on the search engines has gone from being free to becoming downright expensive.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The DealMaking Man
    Hats off to the Editors
    Fast Connections Can Bring Fast Problems Also - Hit by SirCam antivirus on local cable network
    New to the Column - JB Hillard, Chautauqua Cyber Club, Inc. and Charles Hajdu, Philadelphia Hub PC Users Group
    Still Good - Modem Booster
    Forgot Your Password? ElcomSoft Company can help with compression programs (PKZIP, etc.)
    Clean It Up, Please - Webroot's Window Washer
    Time for a New Suite - Gobe Software's GobeProductive package
    Still Procrastinating on AV Because of the Price? Try F-Prot
  • Side Bar
    Add NotePad to SendTo Options - by Bill Shook, Editor
  • October - 2001
  • Internet Cookies - Recap of September 2001 Meeting - by Dale Oliver, President
    What is a Cookie?
    There are two types of cookies.
    Where are the persistent cookies stored on my hard drive?
    Where did the name "cookie" come from?
    Why are cookies needed?
    What are cookies used for? What is stored in them?
    Examples of legitimate cookie usage.
    Who can read and modify the contents of cookies?
    What can Web servers find out about me, and potentially save in a cookie?
    Can cookies contain viruses, worms, Trojans or other things that can damage my computer?
    Can I control whether to accept cookies or not?
    To Cookie, or not to cookie: that is the question.
    Can bad cookies be put in my "cookie jar" without my knowledge?
    Can I circumvent specific cookies without installing special software?
    I'm not that technically advanced. What can I do that is quick, easy and cheap?
    What is currently being done about this privacy issue?
    How can I learn more?
  • Announcements - September 2001
    Download PQ Lost & Found FREE (APC Customers)
    Review offers:
      Aha-soft's ArtIcons Pro 3.0
      Redmond Technology Press "From A to Z" quick reference books
  • The Disaster - Key Web Sites - by Steve Bass
    Stay abreast of news, learn of ways to talk with your children, find out how to help.
    How You Can Help
    Coping With Disaster
    Getting the News
    Giving Money
    Finding Attack Survivors
    Tech Support
    Privacy Versus Freedom
    Most Dramatic Images
  • The Binch
    America means more than tall towers, political powers, or that our enemies could ever guess.
  • Digital Photography - by David Berkowitz
      Nickel Metal Hydride
    AC Adapter
    User Interface and Operational Features
    LCD vs Viewfinder
    A Few Terrific URLs
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Deal Making Man
    Distribution Update
    What a Loss To User Groups - "Louise Miller from Adobe user group program"
    A Moment of Carelessness - "I had triggered a virus"
    LapDog and Mouse Bungee Pro Deal still good
    inKline Global back with another Special Offer - 15% off "Modem Booster"
    Get Better Organized, Not Unionized, But Yourself - inKline Global's "RedBox Organizer 4.1"
    Security Just for Your Pocket?? - Cresotech's "PocketSafe 1.16" for Windows CE
    KeyStone Learning Systems special 40% offer on their Office related courses: Excel, Access, Word, Power, Point, PhotoDraw, Publisher, Outlook, Project or Windows 95, 98, and 2000.
  • Side Bars
    System Configuration Utility - MSCONFIG.EXE
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    July thru September - 2001

    September - 2001
  • Recap of August 2001 Meeting - by Dale Oliver, President
    "Wow, what a great presentation by Bob Brake of the local Gateway Country store. Thanks, Bob!"
    "Bob's opening comment pretty much summed up the whole presentation on backing up your hard drive with," "Be prepared to lose what you don't back up." He discussed three categories of WHAT to back up:
      1) Everything.
      2) Selected files.
      3) System files.
    and five categories of HOW to back up:
      1) Use a second hard drive.
      2) CD ROM.
      3) Tape.
      4) Jazz or Zip drives.
      5) Internet-based backups.
  • "This Page Cannot be Displayed" - by Bill Shook, Editor
    Anyone seen this displayed before? If you're unlucky, when logging onto the Internet you're confronted with this message. You're on the Internet but can't get to any sites.
    Key terms discussed are: MSCONFIG, hard drive CLEANUP, MODEM uninstall/reinstall, hard drive backup & restore, PowerQuest, Drive Image, Partition Magic, Symantec, Ghost, Juno, AOL, AOL Personal File Cabinet (PFC), virtual memory (VM), direct memory access (DMA), swap file (Win386.swp), Device Manager, and several reference URLs.
  • Can Spam - by Brian Backman
    Anyone who has had an e-mail account for more than twenty three and a quarter milliseconds has received Spam, so there's no need for a lengthy description of it. Basically, Spam is unsolicited advertising e-mail messages. It is also a really tasty meat product that goes great with pineapples and sliced jalapenos, but that's not the kind we're dealing with here.
  • Digital Photography - by Larry Horn
    Purchasing a digital camera
    Digital cameras are the latest "Must Have" toys for gadget loving computer users and many others.
      Resolution and Sensor Size
      The Lens
      Framing the Picture
      Memory - Storage Cards
      Image Compression - File type:
      So how many pictures do I get on a memory card?
      The Feel of the Camera
      Viewing and getting the pictures out of the camera
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Deal Making Man
    My apologies concerning the free closeout software in July column.
    Recipe Analyzer
    Your very own Lapdog
    'Stay Connected!'offer from Inkline Global (found in NWA-PCUG newsletter)
    Mouse Bungee
    Wacom Intelligent Graphics Tablet System
  • Announcements
    Webroot Software Inc. special offer on their Window Washer product.
    CD-R/RW URLs - so much good stuff here it should be required reading.
    Newsletter articles on the Web - no more typing URLs from the paper newsletter -- just click on the hotlinks.
  • Side Bars
    The 10 Commandments of Email
  • August - 2001
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links.
    New this Month - whatis.com. See Sidebar below.
  • President's Corner - August 2001 - by Dale Oliver, President
    "We had another excellent meeting in July... we had good discussions about the new website updates, Web browsers, surfing the Internet, storage of temporary Internet files, cookies, etc.
  • Long Term Data Storage on CD-R Discs - by Rick Russell
  • Give Your Portal Some Pizzazz - by Steve Bass
    Customize your browser's home page and increase your productivity.
  • What's Up - by John Clark, WebMaster
    "See what systems are coming up at startup, and what routines they require. And if you don't like a program or so, is there a way for you to terminate or even better completely eliminate them."
  • Do You Really Want Your Refrigerator to Have a Conversation with You? - by Timothy Everingham
    "A different view on digital convergence."
    "Example: Your refrigerator is expected to become intelligent. It will have a computer .. with a touch screen interface. Voice recognition and generation, plus some artificial intelligence .. be able to talk to the refrigerator, and it may talk back."
  • Irish Luck Rules - by Judy Lococo, APCUG President
    "I have recently switched from Outlook Express to Outlook" ... and "the Homepage virus/worm/whatever the thing is..."
  • We Get Letters - by Steve Bass
    "Does this sound familiar?"
    Parents' letters, that is (with computer problems/questions)
  • Want Your Own Domain? - by Matt Lake, Syndicated Columnist
    "It's Easy to Do. Some people study for years to get letters after their name.. B.A., M.S., or PhD to balance the initials they have in front of their surname.. But you can get .COM after your name and on the Web in a few days - for less than forty bucks."
  • Random Access - April 2001 - by Bruce Preston
    Many Q&As on all types of subjects:
      System resources and First Aid 97
      Mouse freeze up, CoolEdit, scandisk, defrag, swap file, temp folder and files, etc
      Kernel usage and cable modem and DSL
      Leave it on or turn it off
      Monitor repair
      Reliable entries from keypad
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Deal Making Man!
    EULA (End User Licensing Agreement)
    LinkSys and technical support
    IBM Research ahead of its time - exchange data through a handshske.
    Timex - Internet enabled wrist watch
    Xybernaut Corporation - wearable computer, the Mobil Assistant V, produced by IBM.
    Animated signatures.
    ClipTrakker - another clipboard enhancer.
    Recipe Analyzer - carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, calcium, the list goes on and on.
    Read MAC discs on Windows PCs, then save on floppies, zips, etc.
    Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    1) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - by Dale Oliver
    Search for images using these three top visual-search tools:
    2) Every File Format in the World - by Bill Shook
    Point your browser to http://www.whatis.com Many other subjects covered. Lots of material here.
    3) Quick Keys to Windows Explorer and Device Manager (and all types of Properties) - by Bill Shook
  • July - 2001
  • Internet Help
    Many technical help and price comparison links
  • Basic E-mail Safety and Etiquette - by Dale Oliver, President
    "The mindset of the typical personal computer user regarding safety-related issues has gone from, "It can't happen to me!" to, "I wonder when it will happen?" Although paranoia isn't necessarily a good thing, a frank acceptance of the risks of online computing is."
  • You Did What? Why? - by Rod Ream
    "Read This!! It's a Hoax!!!" "That was the start of a conversation with a client who'd just deleted a file from the \windows\command folder (SULFNBK.EXE)."
  • Protect Your Computer From Viruses, Worms, and Trojans - by Ira Wilsker
    "...viruses, worms, programs that "eat" through your files, and trojans, programs that hide under the guise of other more innocent looking programs."
  • Here Today, Gone in a Month or Two - by Steve Bass
    "Think It's Bad Now? Wait a Year and More Dot.coms will be Dot.gone."
    AcmePet? Petopia.com?
    Dow Jones closes Work.com
    Recommendations to defend against losing data, money, or credit card numbers
  • Monitoring the View - by Bob Schwabach, Syndicated Columnist
    Samsung SyncMaster 770 flat panel displays ($1100 apiece). "Color me mildly disappointed so far."
  • Scientist Finds Fungus That Eats Through Compact Discs - by Robert Uhlig
    "The fungus had burrowed into the CD from the outer edge, then devoured the thin aluminum layer and some of the data-storing polycarbonate resin."
  • Building Your Web Site - by Robert Sanburn
    Planning, Planning, and More Planning Features for Your Web Site Getting Started With a Name and Site Developing a Web Site
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, The Deal Making Man!
    What Kind-A-Deal Is This? Perpetual Licensing?, subscription software?
    Mouse Bungee deal still good
    Software just for the cost of S&H www.G7PS.com
    Special pricing on Wacom Technology products (Intelligent Graphics Tablet System)
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum Special Offer
    Read CD Platters with DirectCD formatted data using UDFRINST.EXE - by Ed Maxey
    Switch Between Large and Small Start Menu Icons - by Bill Shook
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    April thru June - 2001

    June - 2001
  • Rumors, Hoaxes, and Myths - by Cliff Goeke, Vice President
    Have you ever received a message claiming that if you didn't forward it to everyone on your ICQ list bad things would happen? Well, here's what to do about it, including verification sites.
  • Fight for Your Online Privacy - by Steve Bass
    An Irate Steve Bass Rolls Out the Big Artillery Against the Bad Cookies. Includes Cookie Central, Privacy.net, IDcide, AdSubtract, Naviscope, and ZoneAlarm.
  • My Tale of Woe - by Richard Robusto
    Trials and Tribulations of a Hard Disk Crash and finding out just how good your emergency utilitiy discs and backup are. (Talk about cold chills).
  • Keep Your Hard Disk Driving - by Chris Doyle, Ontrack Data International, Inc.
    Do's and Don'ts to Squeeze a longer life out of your hard drive(s).
  • Save Time When Typing - by Coco Johnston
    How to use your Spell Check dictionary to create typing shortcuts in WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.
  • The Internet Explosion! - by Steve Bass
    Movies: MovieHead; TV: iCraveTV; RealPlayer; AnyList; Keen and Expert City; 32bit.com Forums; NoWonder SupportBoard; Support City; Experts Exchange; Storage?: i-drive; and more.
  • Did You Know? - by Bob Elgines
    Audio or sound problems?
    How much Memory or RAM is needed?
    What speed CD-ROM should I buy?
    How do you read what version of DirectX is installed?
    How much memory is on your video card?
    How do I get rid of those icons on the right taskbar? and why should I?
  • Is Your Win98 CD Worn Out? - by Rod Ream
    Don't fret! Computer Guru Rod Ream Comes to the Rescue!
    What to do when your Windows 98 CD seems to be scratched or an error tells you your CAB file is corrupted? Here are several things to do, including putting the CAB files on your hard drive if they aren't already there.
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    SnagIt and Camtasia still good.
    Mouse Bungee (bet this isn't what you think)
    'Ol Ticker
    Quick Drive by H45 Technologies for backing up
    Clipmate, an enhanced Windows Clipboard
    Power Achiver 2000, FREE compressing/decompressing software
  • Sidebars - I Love My Spell Checker
  • May - 2001
  • April 2001 Meeting Follow-up - by Dale Oliver, President
    Power and Surge Protection
    Power Management on your PC
    Find Fast "Feature"
    DSL Coverage is Getting Better
    System and Disk Cleanup Utilities
    Windows Task Scheduler
    Windows Disk Defragmenter Runs Forever
    New Linux User Group
  • Microsoft Shortcuts- by Cliff Goeke, Vice President
    Includes Microsoft Word 97, Excel 97, Internet Explorer 4/5, Windows 98
  • Home Office: The E-Mail Rules - by Steve Bass
    Manage the Medium
  • Home Office: Keep Web Snoops at Bay - by Steve Bass
    Bugs for Dinner Again? Steve Bass Explains What to do When Spies Drop By
  • A Serious News Spyware Threat - by Steve Gibson
  • The Best Software We've Found - by Bob Schwabach
    Clipboard Extenders: SmartBoard and ClipBoard Express
    Also, CD or not CD, a Burning Question
  • Fireman, Save My File - by Bob Schwabach
    Now QuikSync Backup Saves to Almost any Drive
  • What Has 42 Million Transistors and as many pins as an Acupuncturist - by Mike Regimenti
    The New Intel Pentium 4 (P-4) CPU chip
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    The Pockey drive
    MGI Software
      PhotoSuite 4.0
      VideoWave 4.0
      PhotoVista 2.0
      SoftDVD Max 4.0
    O'Reilly Publishing
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
  • Pink Slip for Clippy
    One Stop Help -- FixWindows.com
  • April - 2001
  • Vice President's Report - by Cliff Goeke
  • Is a Broadband Connection Right for You?
  • March 2001 Meeting Follow-up - by Dale Oliver, President
  • Disk Cleanup
    Surge Suppressor/power strip (www.apc.com)
    Donate equipment (St Vincent Church, Rogers 501-636-4020)
    Get rid of useless electronic gear (888-4CO-WASTE or 888-416-9278)
    What's my computer worth? (www.bluebook.com)
    Backing-up Registry (System.dat, User.dat, CAB files)
  • Computer Case Needs Home - by Thornton Jacobs
  • Where To Get PC Help Online - by Helen Bradley
  • URL has 10 tech support sites:
  • Windows Me & DOS - by Steve Bass
  • Patch to boot up with Ctrl-F8 menu like W9x: Located at:
  • My First Look at Windows XP - by David Coursey
  • It's Great. Here's Why
  • Future Perfect: - by David Coursey
  • MS Specs for your next PC
  • A brief History of the Internet - by Coco Johnston
  • Master the Elements - by Preston Gralla
  • With Adobe's Great New Offering
  • Trash to Cash - Online (eBay) - by Donna Barnes-Roberts
  • Ebay? I Love It! - by Becky White
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Net Object's Fusion 5.0
    Aladdin Closeout Sale (Both Mac & Windows)
    Prevent The Cat From Chasing Your Mouse - CueCat
    Pockey drive
    MGI Software
      PhotoSuite 4.0
      VideoWave 4.0
      PhotoVista 2.0
      SoftDVD Max 4.0
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Icon Overkill? Desktop cluttered?
    A search engine for all occasions...
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    Jan thru Mar - 2001

    March - 2001
  • President's Corner - by Dale Oliver
    File Maintenance:
      Disk Cleanup
      Disk Defragmenter
  • Windows Scripting Software- by Dale Oliver
    WinBatch v2000C
    Event Manager v2.5
    GroundControl v2.10
    ClockMan95 v1.0
  • Window XP (MS latest OS)- by David Coursey
    10 Things to Know
  • Did You Get the AnnaK Worm Yet? by Rod Ream
  • To Buy New or Refill? (InkJets) - by Charles Blanchard
  • CD Stomper Click'N Burn - by Chuck Moery
  • Windows Error Messages - by Steve Bass
    TroubleShooting Windows & Internet Explorer Problems
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Server Software
    Tax Act
    AD-aware, Optout, and Leaktest
    Keep your computer checked for viruses (for free)
    Boomerang products
      Total E-Commerce for FrontPage2000
      WebShop Designer 2000
      Internet/Intranet Design Shop Gold 2000
      Photo.Web Deluxe
      Web-Hosting - General and E-commerce
      Dedicated E-commerce Web-Hosting
      Snippets version 2.0 - The Ultimate Desktop Dashboard.
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    File editor Atlantis 1.0 Nova & file manager Servant Salamander - recommended by John Clark
  • February - 2001
  • Price Comparison Engines - by Dale Oliver
  • Windows Freeware Editors - by John Clark
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home - by Steve Bass
    A Review of Streets & Trips
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    USB -User's Super Buddy
  • Never Retype - by Coco Johnston
    How to use Copy/Cut/ & Paste
  • Challenges & Mysteries - by Judy Lococo
    Trying to Print a Form from State of Kentucky web sites to Xerox Docuprint P12 laser printer
  • User Groups Defined - by Dick Bromley
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    Caligari Software has introduced "iSpace"
    Ivan (Intelligent Voice Animated Navigator)
    Legacy Family Tree 3.0 is now FREE!
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Speed-up Double Speed CD-ROMs - by Charles Blanchard
    Autofit All Windows Explorer Right Pane Columns
  • January - 2001
  • My CD-ROM is Unreadable - by Jolm Clark
  • PowerQuest PartitionMagic 6.0 - A Review by E. Stanton Maxey, M.D.
  • Ken's Korner - by Ken Fermoyle
    1) Flash Memory Gaining Ground As Portable Devices Increase
    2) Wireless Headsets Is First To Meet Bluetooth Standard
  • .Net (MS new protocol) - by Barry Simon
  • Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 - A Review by Douglas Agee
  • Functions of the Windows Key - by Lowell Shatraw
  • The Deals Column - by Bob Click, the Deal Making Man
    PowerQuest Hard Drive Utilities
    Adobe's LiveMotion
      OmniForm 4.01
      OmniPage Pro 10
      PaperPort Deluxe 7.0
    Conversay Web, Server, and Embedded Applications
    Free Clipart from Microsoft
    Free ISPs
      One Nation OnLine (1NOL)
  • Sidebars - Tips and Tricks
    Right Click Start & Open Files with Alternate Programs
    Create Log Files using NotePad
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